Career of Evil

Career of Evil, Kindle edition,

This is the third novel in the Cormoran Strike series that J. K. Rowling writes under the pen name Robert Galbraith. Strike and his employee Robin Ellacott remain interesting characters. However, the story seems contrived and, to me anyhow, not really believable and not always interesting. Robin accepts delivery of a package that contains a leg that was severed from a murdered woman’s corpse. The perpetrator is a serial killer with a grudge against Strike. Strike names four suspects. One falls away, apparently having a good alibi, and three remain. Strike and Robin conduct an investigation that involves going to interview people and sometimes watching people’s movements. Not very interesting. The book has more violence, mayhem, and rape than one book needs. Meanwhile, Robin is planning her wedding to Matthew. She is also a potential target of the killer. Eventually we find out who the killer is. Well, it had to be somebody, but so what?

Cosmic Disclosure

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