July 28, 2015

Liebe Freunde,bitte lasst euch vom Titel der Decca-CD „Jonas Kaufmann – The Age of Puccini“ nicht täuschen! Diese…

Posted by Jonas Kaufmann on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Joyce & Tony – Live at the Wigmore Hall, CD, amazon.co.uk

Joyce & Tony: Live from Wigmore Hall, CD, amazon.com

George Gagnidze and Zeljko Lucic will share the title role of Verdi’s Rigoletto at the Met this fall, replacing Simon Keenlyside, who is taking a necessary period of vocal rest for much of the year and temporarily removing the role of Rigoletto from his repertoire. Gagnidze will sing the first seven performances of the opera, while Lucic—already scheduled to sing the December performances of the run—will also sing Rigoletto on November 13, 16, and 19.” So says the Met’s press office, as reported by Parterre.com

Cosmic Disclosure

First two episodes of Cosmic Disclosure are now FREE on Gaiam TV!

Gaiam TV just launched one of its most exciting new original series, and they are offering the first two episodes for free!

Cosmic Disclosure, starring David Wilcock and Corey Goode, takes us on a revealing journey through Goode’s experience in, and involvement with, a 20-year Secret Space Program. This type of content has never before been exposed to the masses, and is already going viral!

First two episodes of Cosmic Disclosure are now FREE on Gaiam TV!

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia designs and manufactures apps, software, hardware and accessory products for music creation and playback on computers and mobile devices.

IK Multimedia is an international music technology company directly operating in the US, UK, Japan and Italy. Founded in Modena, Italy in 1996, it now operates worldwide with offices in Italy, the US and the UK.

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IK Multimedia -  iRig Mic Field

The Speechwriter

The Speechwriter: A Brief Education in Politics, Kindle edition, amazon.com

Barton Swaim was struggling to find an academic job—he’d recently received a PhD in English—when he sent his resume to Mark Sanford, the conservative and controversial governor of South Carolina. He thought he could improve the governor’s writing and speeches.

On the surface, this is the story of Sanford’s rise and fall. But it’s really an account of what happens when a band of believers attach themselves to an ambitious narcissist. Everyone knows this kind of politician—a charismatic maverick who goes up against the system and its ways, but thinks he doesn’t have to live by the rules. Swaim describes what makes people invest in their leaders, how those leaders do provide moments of inspiration, and then how they let them down.

The Speechwriter is a funny and candid introduction to the world of politics, where press statements are purposefully nonsensical, grammatical errors are intentional, and better copy means more words. Through his three years in the governor’s office, Swaim paints a portrait of a man so principled he’d rather sweat than use state money to pay for air conditioning, so oblivious he’d wear the same stained shirt for two weeks, so egotistical he’d belittle his staffers to make himself feel better, and so self-absorbed he never once apologized for making his administration the laughing stock of the country. In the end, it’s also an account of the very human staffers who risk a life in politics out of conviction and learn to survive a broken heart.


July 17, 2015

Jonas Kaufmann’s ‘Making Of’ Video for Upcoming Puccini Album on Sony Classical:

Squirrel ‘Detained’ by German Police for Stalking Woman

The more time you spend using your smartphone, the more likely you are depressed, says a study.

“Prime Day, a new sales holiday Amazon invented and held Wednesday in the middle of the summer doldrums, proved a huge success for the company.”–cnet.com

Opera fan cleared of ramming disabled woman with her own wheelchair during row over seat at Wigmore Hall

Rise of the Cabal

New secrets revealed in David Wilcock's Disclosure Season 2 on Gaiam TV

New secrets revealed in David Wilcock’s Disclosure Season 2 on Gaiam TV

David Wilcock is back for an all-new season of his hit original program Disclosure, available exclusively on Gaiam TV. So what’s in store for viewers this season? Jesuit secrets, who’s who in the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, and more in-depth exploration of the Cabal are just the tip of the very deep iceberg of information Wilcock is looking to excavate on the way to the truth.” — See more at: Gaiam TV

Oil pulling

I recently came across the concept of “oil pulling” while browsing online, and I tried it today for the first time. I put a teaspoonful of coconut oil in my mouth and swished it around for five minutes, sometimes “pulling” it through the teeth. Five minutes seemed a little long, but some people recommend that one do it for as long as twenty minutes. I played a song on Youtube as I stood looking at the clock and swishing the oil around in my mouth. There are supposed to be various oral health benefits to doing it daily. My teeth do look a little shinier now, and so there is at least that one short-term benefit.

One does not swallow the oil. One spits it out when the time is up, into the trash, not into the drain. Coconut oil solidifies at temperatures under 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Help your oral health with oil pulling

Should You Try Oil Pulling?

July 16, 2015

Greece bailout revives image of the ‘cruel German’

Amazon had record-breaking sales yesterday on Prime Day, says article at fortune.com.

Four people and gunman killed in Tennessee shooting officials call domestic terrorism

Extra Large Donald Trump Piñata, amazon.com