New book March 25, 2015

The Broadway Song: A Singer’s Guide, paperback,

Truly powerful vocal performance in musical theater is more than just the sum of good vocal tone and correct notes. As experienced teacher, director, and performer Mark Ross Clark lays out in The Broadway Song, powerful performance communicates the central function of a song within the context of the surrounding narrative, or the “truth” of a song. Because unstaged performances of a song, such as auditions, are key to the success of all aspiring singers, Clark provides here the essential practical manual that will help performers choose the right pieces for their vocal abilities and identify the key truths of them.

Clark begins by walking readers conceptually through how a song’s truth is based in contexts: what show is a song from? Which character sings it? When in the show does it occur? Answering these questions will lead readers to more convincing performances that are grounded in the text, music, character, context, and larger environment (setting, time frame, and circumstances). The Broadway Song provides a comprehensive guide to the formal characteristics of key Broadway songs on a song-by-song basis, including main voice type, secondary voice qualities (such as soprano-lyric or alto-comic), range and tessitura, as well as larger contextual materials about the source — from the musical’s background, information about the character singing, and synoptic narrative information for the song — that provide the performer a way into the character. Clark moreover brings his wide-ranging and extensive experience as a director, performer, and teacher to bear in his performance notes on the individual pieces. Additionally, he includes excerpts from short interviews with artists that provide insight into the song from the perspective of those who first created (or re-created) it. The interviews, conducted with composers, lyricists, performers, and — in one case — book collaborators, are snapshots into the creative process, and act as conduits to further study of the selected songs.

New books January 27, 2015

Call Me Debbie: True Confessions of a Down-to-Earth Diva, Kindle edition,

Call Me Debbie: True Confessions of a Down-to-Earth Diva, hardcover,

Call Me Debbie True Confessions of a Down-To-Earth Diva, hardcover,

Schubert’s Winter Journey: Anatomy of an Obsession, Kindle edition,

Schubert’s Winter Journey: Anatomy of an Obsession, hardcover,

Schubert’s Winter Journey: Anatomy of an Obsession, copertina rigida,

Schumann — Boris Giltburg, piano

Schumann: Piano Music [Boris Giltburg] [NAXOS: 8573399], CD,, release date 2 February 2015

Schumann: Carnaval, Davidsbündlertänze & Papillons, CD,, release date 10 February 2015

Carnaval; Davidsbuendlertaenze, CD,, release date 10 February 2015

Product Description

The three works on this recording are collections of short pieces, strung together and forming a cohesive whole a form which Schumann himself invented, developed and brought to perfection. Davidsbündlertänze (Dances of the League of David) was written after Schumann’s engagement to Clara Wieck, to whom he wrote, ‘If I have ever been happy at the piano, it was when I was composing these.’ Papillons (Butterflies) is the work of a youthful, unfettered imagination, and Carnaval is one of his most popular pieces, a display of both technique and emotion.

Boris Giltburg
, who took first prize at the 2013 Queen Elisabeth Competition, is one of today’s most thrilling young pianists. This release marks the start of an exciting new collaboration with Naxos.

Schumann: Carnaval, Davidsbündlertänze & Papillons, MP3,

Schumann: Carnaval, Davidsbündlertänze & Papillons, MP3,

January 5, 2015

Paris classical music row intensifies as new concert hall prepares to open

Audience in Elegant Boxes at La Scala Opera House

Audience in…

Alfred …

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La Scala opera house introduces five-minute grace period for latecomers

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

« …je ne pense pas que ce soit le rôle d’un gouvernement de décider qui est honorable », a déclaré Thomas Piketty.