Churches in Provincetown, Massachusetts
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St. Mary of the Harbor, Episcopal

Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Provincetown
November 18, 2003

"Gay marriage is legal under the [Massachusetts] Constitution, the state Supreme Judicial Court ruled today in a closely watched case. In their decision, the justices said the state Constitution 'affirms the dignity and equality' of all people. The decision makes Massachusetts the only state in the union to recognize marriage between same-sex couples."--

"The Supreme Judicial Court held today that 'barring an individual from the protections, benefits, and obligations of civil marriage solely because that person would marry a person of the same sex violates the Massachusetts Constitution.' The court stayed the entry of judgment for 180 days 'to permit the Legislature to take such action as it may deem appropriate in light of this opinion.'"--from unofficial synopsis at
February 5, 2004

"Provincetown is ready, Town Clerk Doug Johnstone said," according to the
Cape Cod Times.
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders:
How to get married in Massachusetts