Joy Ride
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"The platonic romance of college students Paul Walker and Leelee Sobieski harks back to the Dobie Gillis era; so does the prevalence of scenes in which males are feminized or humiliated."--Chris Fujiwara in Boston Phoenix of October 5, 2001
Movie, opened in many theatres on October 5, 2001
The Original Motion Picture Score [Soundtrack] is available from amazon.com
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"'Joy Ride' is a nice, nasty little B-movie that keeps things simple and keeps things scary," writes Jay Carr in the Boston Globe". . . it's a snazzy, smartly made, and even hip little scarefest.  As a jump-start to Halloween, it's all you could hope for."
"In 'Joy Ride,' the only thing to care about is when it will end," writes John Black in a negative review in the Boston Metro.
"[M]uch more effectively terrifying than the usual overplotted, underwritten Hollywood thriller" and "surprisingly funny," writes A. O. Scott in the New York Times.
Joy Ride, DVD, amazon.ca
Roadkill (aka Joy Ride) [DVD] [2002], amazon.co.uk
The Christian Science Monitor gave Joy Ride two stars, "Fair."  "A stylish but ultimately cheap thrill, 'Joy Ride' is a skillful production in the service of nothing better than your average teen fright-flick experience."
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Joy Ride was released on DVD on March 20, 2000.  It can be ordered  from amazon.com.  And from amazon.ca.
The DVD comes with four alternative endings, reports an article at miaminewtimes.com about producer Chris Moore.