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The movie GROUP opens July 26, 2002,
at the Coolidge Corner Theatre,
290 Harvard Street, Brookline, Massachusetts.

Nine women meet every Wednesday afternoon for 21 weeks of group therapy
this probe into the American psyche. 
simultaneous camera perspectives expand the story on screen with
frames and layered narratives. 

The soundtrack recording is available from

Track Listing:

Sleater-Kinney- Maraca
Sara Dougher - the New Carissa
Internal/External - All You Need to Know
the Need - Mona Tinsley
the Need - 2 Story Girl
Mirah - Sweeptakes Prize
the Aislers Set - Bang Bang Bang
the Gossip - Hott Date
Marine Research - Hopefulness to Hopelessness
the Aislers Set - Hit the Snow
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In the Boston Globe of July 26, 2002, Erin Meister wrote, "Ultimately, the genuine connections the actors make with one another and the natural flow of dialogue make up for any technical flaws or inconsistencies.  The nine women are a touching reminder that we all have our own, very different problems, but by relating to each other, we can come to terms with just about anything."