The Cat's Meow
Joanna Lumley as Elinor Glyn, Kirsten Dunst as Marion Davies and Jennifer Tilly as Louella Parsons in Lions Gate's The Cat's Meow - 2002
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Movie about a mysterious, still- unsolved killing on William Randolph Hearst's yacht in 1924.
"Zestful performances do a lot to compensate for the shortcomings of Steven Peros's functional but not very textured or evocative script," wrote Jay Carr in the Boston Globe of May 3, 2002.
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John Black in the Boston Metro of May 10-12, 2002, describes this film as an "engrossing whodunit."  "[Director Peter] Bogdanovich gives the film a leisurely pace that allows plenty of room for story and character development, something film fans haven't seen much of in years."
The Cat's Meow was released on DVD (for United States and Canada) at on August 20, 2002.