Male Power Honeycomb Mesh Jocks


The Honeycomb Jockstrap by Male Power is a stylish and unique jock that puts comfort first but with a touch of sexiness that you would expect from a Male Power creation and you can now get them at Jockstrap Central.

The most notable feature is its namesake, the unique honeycomb mesh fabric: On first glance, it looks like a honeycomb patterned mesh, and it is but upon closer inspection you’ll find the holes of the honeycomb are filled with a fine black mesh so it is see-through but subtly so.

It has a generous cut pouch so all the guys phoning Jockstrap Central to say they’re HUGE down there and asking what jock will fit you, then this is the one. Not only does it have a roomy pouch but the mesh fabric has an incredible four-way stretch. Proof is in Caleb King’s pudding, so to speak. He’s got an enormous everything and this jock doesn’t cramp his style — as you can see from his bulge in the photos at Jockstrap Central.

Comfort is not just in the pouch. The two inch wide waistband is made of a super soft plushed elastic with just the right amount of tension and stretch as are the two 3/4 inch leg straps.

Between the striking contrasting honeycomb mesh of the pouch, the stylized M Power logo against the black waistband and your big ol’ bulge, this is one jock that is going to get you noticed

Cellblock 13 Dragnet jockstraps


Ladies and gentlemen: the jockstrap description you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Cellblock 13’s Dragnet Jockstrap is a masterpiece of deception. On the surface it’s a stunning looking fashion meets fetish jockstrap fit for Captain Joe Friday but underneath the surface you’ll find one comfortable jock for Joe’s boys on the beat.

In all seriousness, the most notable feature is the double mesh pouch; an outer fishnet mesh in either blue, red or my favorite, an greyish olive-green with an inner micro-mesh pouch in black for stunning effect and the mesh provides air-conditioning to keep your boys aerated. The pouch is contoured and roomy (our model Caleb King is proof of this as he’s HUGE in both meat and veg departments) made mostly with a soft polyester with four-way stretch for expansion and a hint of spandex for shape retention. Half-inch wide black piping edges the pouch which not only looks great but provides structure and ensures the perfect fit.

As with most Cellblock 13 jocks, the waistband is a show-stopper in their signature plushed elastic — it’s the perfect balance between stretch and retention. This one has contrasting horizontal sports striping with a big bold CB13 logo front and center. Finally, two masculine one inch wide black comfort leg straps finished it all off.

For more details (and lots of photos of their model Caleb King) visit Jockstrap Central.