Raw Studio Military Jocks


Raw Studio Military Collection is here and it’s exclusive to Jockstrap Central! It’s a collection of military inspired fetish jockstraps, jock briefs and ball-lifters all made with a ridiculously hot army-green leather-look PVC fabric as its base. As with all Raw Studio, this is hand-crafted in Canada with exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail.

The Military Jock is certainly the most elaborate with a brief style front in the leather-look fabric with a textured metallic olive-gold stripe down the front and a military style star insignia on the right. Even better is that the fabric has an ultra-soft backing that feels great against your junk. What’s most ingenious about this jock is it doesn’t have a traditional waistband. The front is entirely the PVC contoured pouch which continues around to the back, eventually becoming the upper part of the leg straps. A wide masculine 1.5 inch wide back elastic waistband strap joins the gap above your ass and two more three quarter inch leg straps begin where the PVC ends off and joins the base of the front pouch. This not only looks incredible but ensures the perfect fit. It’s hard to describe so check out Jockstrap Central‘s VERY detailed (and uncensored) photos on their website for more clarity.

The Recruit and G.I. Joe Jockstraps are a little more of what you’d consider a regular jockstrap. Both come with a contoured pouch and both are edged with black piping for style and added support. Recruit has a metallic olive-gold racing stripe and one and half inch waistband while G.I. Jock has a metallic pewter racing stripe, a three quarter inch swimmer style waistband and a military style star insignia on the right.

Maybe not the best (as they’re all pretty spectacular) but we’ve definitely saved the most fun for last: The Commando Ball-lifter is the evolution of Raw Studio’s original ball-lifter designs with a dual purpose of not only lifting up and pushing out to bulge under your outer clothes but also as some awesome looking gear that showcases (with style) everything you’ve got. The front is made with a distressed leather-look PVC fabric with an ultra-soft backing ensuring comfort. It’s contoured with a semi-circle cutout that edged in metallic pewter to highlights your junk. One inch black elastic runs down each side of the pouch then runs under your balls finishing off the circle lifting your junk up and out. There are no leg straps so the view from the back is streamlined and sexy.

Jockstrap Central model (and porn star) Caleb King is modeling all the new gear and be warned that many of the photos over at Jockstrap Central (especially the ones of the Commando Ball-lifter) are not safe for work.