Cellblock 13 leather-look bullet jockstraps


Bite the bullet and get yourself into Cellblock 13’s latest fetish jockstrap with credentials: The Cellblock 13 Bullet Jockstrap has the look and attitude of leather but it’s actually a high-quality coated polyester/spandex fabric that’s durable yet soft and pliable — exactly what you want cradling your boys. But best feature is, unlike leather, this jock is machine washable.

The front is like a streamlined brief with a contouring so you fit in it just right with a contrasting one and one quarter inch vertical sports stripe down the center. Where things get really interesting: the whole front is the leather-look pouch (i.e no elastic waistband). The sturdy Cellblock 13 elastic waistband attaches to each side and runs around to the back ensuring this jock fits like a glove and it looks awesome. The full two-inch wide waistband consists of three alternating stripes with the iconic Cellblock 13 written dead center across the back. Finally two black one inch comfort leg straps finish it all off.

Bullet is unique and definitely masculine and comes in your favorite fetish color combinations like black with white, black with red and black with blue. Of interest is the military version with its army-green pouch and gunpowder-black stripe. Jockstrap Central models will show you what Bullet is all about just head over to the JC website for your lesson.

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