Jockfighters at Jockstrap Central


Jockstrap Central has done it again, securing yet another North American exclusive. First it was Raw Studio, then it was Maskulo and now they’ve launched one of the hottest new fetish collections straight from Italy. Jockfighters is sports fetish meets urban warrior and it’s smokin’. Their motto is “Be Bad Do Good” and like other fetish brands, they’re creating a lifestyle with their gear.

They’re launching with a streamlined ribbed cotton jock called simply The Jockstrap (naturally), as well as their take on the jock brief called The Chaps Jock (with a revealing front hole and butt lifting back straps) and a sexy brief with convenient holes both front and back called the Slashed Brief (they’ve got their exhibitionist model Ryan Russell to show off all the dirty features so obviously, those photos are NOT SAFE FOR WORK!).

The dirty features are but a sucker punch but it’s the almost two-inch wide waistband on all the gear that’s the final blow to win the match. With sports inspired horizontal contrasting striping and embroidered iconic Jockfighters logo dead center, this is sports fetish nirvana.

Even better, there are matching socks for a complete look. They’re tube socks in your favorite fetish colors with sports stripes and the iconic Jockfighters logo and the word J-O-C-K-F-I-G-H-T-E-R-S across the toes. Perfect with your favorite pair of high-tops or combat boots.

Their jocks and underwear are perfect for the clubs, edgy enough for the fetish party but still sporty enough for the street and it’s all made in Milan, the fashion center of the world so you know it’s built tough.

I could go into more details about all this new gear but who reads this stuff anyway? You really want all the pretty pictures, right? Head over to Jockstrap Central‘s Jockfighters department and enjoy the view.

Johnstons of Elgin Scottish Cashmere Sweater — V-Neck (For Men)


Johnstons of Elgin Scottish Cashmere Sweater — V-Neck (For Men),

Closeouts. As the mercury drops, enjoy the tasteful pleasures of superior Scottish cashmere found in this touchably soft V-Neck sweater. Johnstons of Elgin uses only the finest hair of Himalayan goats and spins it into timeless apparel.
Johnstons of Elgin is a centuries-old family firm doing business in the far North of Scotland since 1797
Using the finest cashmere and wool fibers imaginable, fabrics are dyed, spun and washed in supersoft Highlands water for irresistible softness
Rib-knit finish on cuff and waist
Made in United Kingdom