Better Than Sex
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Better Than Sex opened at selected movie theatres in the United States on Friday October 26, 2001.
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For two young people in Australia, a one-night stand turns into three days of sex and talk.  Does the one-night stand also turn into something better than sex?
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The Boston Globe of December 7, 2001, says that Better Than Sex "teases, then disappoints."  Jay Carr wrote that the movie "is better than a root canal, an IRS audit, or a rained-out ballgame."
John Black in the Boston Metro of December 7, 2001, wrote that the "two lead performers have absolutely no chemistry between them." . . . "Since the entire movie revolves around them, and since neither character is very likable to begin with, it doesn't take movie-goers very long to figure out that anything is better than wasting time with this film."

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