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Adult children of alcoholics

Recovery: A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics by Herbert L. Gravitz and Julia D. Bowden

Recovery will start you on the path of self-awareness, as it explores the searching questions adult children of alcoholics seek to have answered:

* How can I overcome my need for control?
* Do all ACOAs ploy the some kind of roles in the family?
* How do I overcome my fear of intimacy?
* What is all-or-none functioning?
* How can ACOAs maintain self-confidence and awareness after recovery?
* How do ACOAs handle the family after understanding its influence?
* And many other important questions about your past, family and feelings.




Adult Children of Alcoholics (Paperback) by Janet Woititz

Adult Children of Alcoholics, icon

Adult Children of Alcoholics, paperback,


Lifeskills for Adult Children (Paperback) by Janet Woititz and Alan Garner


Struggle for Intimacy (Adult Children of Alcoholics series) (Paperback) by Janet Geringer Woititz

Addresses the problems that an Adult Child of an Alcoholic may encounter in intimate relationships.


Self-Sabotage Syndrome: Adult Children in the Workplace (Paperback) by Janet G. Woititz


The Complete ACOA Sourcebook: Adult Children of Alcoholics at Home, at Work and in Love (Paperback) by Janet Woititz

Book description:

When they were first released in the 1980s, Janet Woititz's groundbreaking works, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Struggle for Intimacy and The Self-Sabotage Syndrome, provided a new message of hope to adult children who had grown up in the shadow of alcoholic parents. Their message today is as profound and timeless as it was two decades ago. Now, in this complete collection, readers will learn again the insight and healing power of Janet Wotitiz's words. The Complete ACoA Sourcebook is a compilation of three of Dr. Woititz's classic books, addressing head-on the symptoms of The Adult Children of Alcoholics syndrome and providing strategies for living a normal life as an adult. Readers will find help for themselves: at home, in intimate relationships and on the job. They will discover the reasons for the way they think, believe and feel about themselves; ACoAs often feel isolated, have difficulty in relationships, in the workplace and in feeling good about themselves. Readers who are familiar with Woititz's work will find wisdom once again in this classic collection. Those new to ACoA will gain fresh insight into their behavior patterns and find an avenue for self-love and healing.



My Life Story: The Trials and Tribulations of Living With An Alcoholic Father And My Fight With Bad Relationships and Drug by L.P.

Kindle edition,


My Mama's Waltz by Eleanor Agnew and Sharon Robideaux

With stunning honesty, My Mama's Waltz brings to light the painful legacy of daughters of alcoholic mothers -- in the first book to focus solely on this fractured relationship. Eleanor Agnew and Sharon Robideaux share their own personal accounts along with the memories and experiences of hundreds of women, from all ages and backgrounds, in an intimate and powerful narrative journey. Their recollections, courageous and unforgettable, resoundingly confirm that women who deal with the remnants of a childhood cut short by an alcoholic mother are not alone. Powerful, often wrenching, but ultimately hopeful and inspiring, My Mama's Waltz offers the support and reassurance adult daughters seek to reconcile the past and heal the heart.

My Mama's Waltz, paperback,


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