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Rigoletto audio recordings




by Giuseppe Verdi




DVD, amazon.co.uk


A DVD of Rigoletto with Luciano Pavarotti, Edita Gruberova, and Ingvar Wixell and the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Riccardo Chailly is available from amazon.com (for the United States and Canada).

It can also be ordered from
amazon.co.uk .


From amazon.co.uk one can order a  DVD of Rigoletto with Marcelo Alvarez as the Duke, Christine Schafer as Gilda, and Paolo Gavanelli in the title role.

The DVD can also be ordered from

I find the performance interesting because of Marcelo Alvarez.  Neither Paolo Gavanelli nor Christine Schafer have voices that I find especially interesting, and the production is too dark and sombre for my taste.

Daniel Somerville, who was more impressed with the stage production than with the musical performance, wrote at
q.co.za about this Rigoletto:  "Thank goodness however that this production is so watch-able in that the concept and execution are so interesting and engaging. The debauchery of the opening scene holds you riveted; the uncomfortable movements of Rigoletto are at once irritating and yet solicit sympathy (the whole point of the character); the modern but somehow timeless imagery of the scenery, compared with the period-esque costumes - all this conspires to make you watch and listen as the otherwise unlikely tragedy unfolds."

Opera News of December 2005 says:  "David McVicar's controversial 2002 production for Covent Garden (Opus Arte) will not appeal to conservative tastes--the sexual licentiousness of the Mantuan court is depicted with particular enthusiasm and no little frontal nudity--but the principals, Christine Schäfer, Marcelo Álvarez and Paolo Gavanelli, offer vivid characterizations, paced with briio by Edward Downes, and the DVD includes a worthwhile short documentary on the composer, Verdi Through the Looking Glass."






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