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At the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Valery Gergiev is scheduled to conduct performances of SALOME with casts to include Karita Mattila/Sue Patchell, Larissa Diadkova/Victoria Livengood, Siegfried Jerusalem, Matthew Polenzani, and Albert Dohmen/Bryn Terfel, on
March 15, 19, 23, 27 (matinee), 31, and April 3, 7, and 10, 2004.  I do not yet know on which dates Karita Mattila is scheduled to sing the title role, and on which dates Sue Patchell is scheduled.

"For a 43-year-old to play a 16-year-old princess, it's a challenge," Ms. Mattila said, as quoted in the
New York Times of March 14, 2004. "But it's a possible one."

'Her golden, powerful soprano soared though Strauss' arching vocal lines, and her portrayal of the demented teenager is deftly kittenish and petulant," wrote Shirley Fleming in the
New York Post of March 17, 2004.
Karita Mattila will sing the closing scene from Salome with the Boston Symphony Orchestra conducted by James Levine on November 4-6, 2004.
"It's hard to imagine how anyone could quibble with any aspect of Karita Mattila's performance in the title role of Strauss's "Salome," a new production in modern dress that opened at the Metropolitan Opera on Monday night. Ms. Mattila was so intense, possessed and exposed in the role that she pummeled you into submission.

"And I use the word exposed literally. For her slithering and erotic interpretation of Salome's "Dance of the Seven Veils," cannily choreographed by Doug Varone and sensually conducted by Valery Gergiev, Ms. Mattila shed item after item of a Marlene Dietrich-like white tuxedo costume until for a fleeting moment she twirled around exultant, half-crazed and completely naked. (No wardrobe malfunction here.)

"Given the physical and emotional toll of her portrayal, that she could also sing this daunting role with such gleaming power, eerie expressivity and, most remarkably of all, beguiling lyricism was stunning."
--from review by Anthony Tommasini in
New York Times of March 17, 2004.
"Strauss described his creation as 'a 16-year-old princess with the voice of Isolde.' Though no one would mistake the 43-year-old Mattila for a teenager, she comes closer to that impossible combination than most sopranos, with her lithe, glamorous appearance, dramatic intensity and powerful voice, capped with high notes of near-hysterical urgency.

"She is both thrilling and frightening indeed as she rides the orchestral waves in her climactic phrase, 'I have kissed your mouth, Jochanaan.'''
--from Mike Silverman's
review for Associated Press, March 17, 2004.