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Maggie Needs an Alibi by Kasey Michaels is a novel about a novelist, a single woman living in New York, who discovers that two of her fictional characters have come to life.  They are a handsome and dashing viscount, who solves mysteries in her novels set in Regency England, and his portly sidekick.  Like Leopold in Kate and Leopold, the viscount demonstrates his skill with horses by heroic behavior with a horse who draws a carriage around Central Park.

The plot is a mystery, not a romance.  Maggie’s publisher and ex-boyfriend dies in her apartment after eating a dinner that she had prepared.  There are several suspects, most of whom are associated in some way with the publishing house.  The viscount set outs to find the killer.  A police lieutenant, who takes an interest in Maggie, is also involved in the investigation.

Strangely enough, the question of Maggie’s need for an alibi never arises in the book.  Was the title made up by somebody who had not read the book?

The book is pleasant and humorous, but not especially strong as a mystery story.

I had trouble finding something new to read at a bookstore recently, and this book was the only thing that I was able to find that looked interesting.  I enjoyed it very much, and have no regrets about reading it.