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"Have you read a novel by Ann Patchett called Bel Canto?" Renée Fleming asked in a conversation with Peter Conrad for an article in The Observer of 6 January 2002. "I'm trying to get it produced as a movie - for TV, probably. It's about me."

On National Public Radio (NPR) Morning Edition on April 29, 2002, NPR Special Correspondent Susan Stamberg talked to soprano Renee Fleming and novelist Ann Patchett about the relationship between musical inspiration and the literary imagination.
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June 22, 2002

Associated Press reports that at the Bastille opera house in Paris, "[a]bout 45 minutes into Saturday's performance of Czech composer Antonin Dvorak's 'Rusalka,' a scream was heard from the wings as a wooden wall on stage came crashing down. American soprano Renee Fleming and another cast member stood silently for a few moments and then walked off stage."  The performance resumed half an hour later, there having been no injuries.
Renée Fleming "bought an apartment in Paris, which she can finally use after a lengthy renovation, and she's starting to like urban life so much that she's thinking about moving with her family from suburban Connecticut to Manhattan," reports an Associated Press article of October 2, 2002.
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"What Renee wants, Renee gets" at the Metropolitan Opera, says a UPI article dated November 25, 2002.
Michael Sneed in the Chicago Sun-Times of December 4, 2002, reports that Renée Fleming lost the score of the opera Thaïs in a cab.  "Anyone who finds it should return it to the Lyric Opera House" in Chicago.