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Callas Legacy, The: The Complete Guide to Her Recordings on Compact Disc, by John Ardoin

This detailed analysis of every record made by Maria Callas examines the development of her art from her first recordings in 1949 to the last in 1977.

Callas Legacy, The: The Complete Guide to Her Recordings on Compact Disc, paperback,


The melodramatic story of Maria Callas from her birth to Greek-immigrant parents in New York to her triumphs on international stages, has often been chronicled, and the world is by now more than familiar with her fiery temperament, her tragic affairs, and her lonely death in a Parisian apartment at the age of fifty-three. In all these accounts, however, a key period in her life has gone undocumented: at the age of thirteen, she left New York with her mother and sister and traveled to Greece, where she spent her formative teenage and early professional years.

The heart of this award-winning biography is the young Maria Callasís life in Athens from 1937 to 1945---a turbulent time that was crucial to her artistic and personal development. In his meticulous researches of Athenian archives and through interviews with more than two hundred of Callasís Greek colleagues and friends, Nicholas Petsalis-Diomidis uncovers much that is new and dispels much that is old, casting new light on the whole of her life.

The Unknown Callas: The Greek Years, hardcover,

The Unknown Callas: The Greek Years (Opera Biography), hardcover,