Through May 3, 2016


Jockstrap Central doesn’t normally encourage guys to take off their jocks but this time it’s OK as you’ll simply be replacing it with one of the new ones you snag during their Take It Off Sale. Until Tuesday May 3rd, 2016, everything store wide is on sale for up to 60% off. Jockstraps, jock briefs, briefs, shorts, wrestling singlets, fetish shorts, cock rings and and even socks are all marked down. There’s no discount code to remember, simply browse their website to find all products with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed.

Everything is on sale, but some of the highlights: Their entire Raw Studio line of jocks, ball lifters and sexy underwear have been reduced further (all either 40% or 60% off). All Raw Studio cockrings are 15% off. Their entire collection of Sukrew full-frontal and 3d pouched gear is now 40% off. Their Papi Stretch Jock 2-packs are now 50% off (so you’re getting 2 cotton jockstraps for $10). Their entire collection of PUMP! Micro-mesh jockstraps, briefs and socks is now 20% off. All remaining Activeman Underwear styles are 25% off and their sports jocks are all 15% off.

Their already affordable Wolf and Omtex sports jocks are now 20% off, Bike and Flarico sports jocks are all 15% off and Nasty Pig clearance items have been further reduced to 25% off.

Even their imported sports fetish gear from Maskulo and Jockfighters are on sale. There’s not a lot of room to discount on these imported brands after they pay the hefty shipping and duties costs to import them, but they are offering them at 10% off right now and they’re both exclusive to Jockstrap Central in North America.

There are too many deals to mention so just head over to Jockstrap Central to check them all out and grab yourself some new gear!

Cellblock 13 leater-look bullet jockstraps


Bite the bullet and get yourself into Cellblock 13’s latest fetish jockstrap with credentials: The Cellblock 13 Bullet Jockstrap has the look and attitude of leather but it’s actually a high-quality coated polyester/spandex fabric that’s durable yet soft and pliable — exactly what you want cradling your boys. But best feature is, unlike leather, this jock is machine washable.

The front is like a streamlined brief with a contouring so you fit in it just right with a contrasting one and one quarter inch vertical sports stripe down the center. Where things get really interesting: the whole front is the leather-look pouch (i.e no elastic waistband). The sturdy Cellblock 13 elastic waistband attaches to each side and runs around to the back ensuring this jock fits like a glove and it looks awesome. The full two-inch wide waistband consists of three alternating stripes with the iconic Cellblock 13 written dead center across the back. Finally two black one inch comfort leg straps finish it all off.

Bullet is unique and definitely masculine and comes in your favorite fetish color combinations like black with white, black with red and black with blue. Of interest is the military version with its army-green pouch and gunpowder-black stripe. Jockstrap Central models will show you what Bullet is all about just head over to the JC website for your lesson.

Mesh gym shorts by Jack Adams


Jockstrap Central‘s newly launched Jack Adams Air Mesh Gym Shorts are set to be your most favorite shorts… ever. And not just for the gym, it will work equally well as your stay-at-home lounging comfies or a fun and exciting bold short to wear on the street with your favorite high tops. They are completely unlined so at the gym, wear them with your favorite jockstrap but anywhere else, be free and go commando. You’ll love the sensation of the air flowing through the micro-mesh tickling your boys and they’re even partially see-through so you’ll be visually tickling everyone else with view. Finally, the bold color choices make for a sporty and fun fashion statement. Here are the details:

The shorts are made with Jack Adams’ signature lightweight micro-mesh so they feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, plus they are unlined, think of it as built-in air conditioning on a hot summer day. There are no cumbersome pockets and the fabric drapes perfectly. They come in five variations with a solid base color and two contrasting color 2-1/4 inch sports stripes in the same micro-mesh down the the outside leg. An elasticated 1-1/4 inch wide waistband in the contrasting color keeps the short up, but if you want that extra security, there’s an included drawstring. Finally, a stylish rectangular Jack Adams logo appears toward the bottom of the left leg.

They’re only $27 and they come in awesome color combinations of sky-blue and white, orange and grey , red and white, black and red, or blue and yellow so you can get a few (to perhaps match your mood!).

Jockstrap Central‘s hunky muscled model Trent is taking them for a spin so be sure to head over and enjoy the view.

Modern Bike # 10


The modern Bike #10 Jockstrap is back at Jockstrap Central and now available in black as well as the original white. They’ve got them in stock now with a limited time introductory pricing of 15% off. They are imported from Bike Europe and produced in limited numbers, so get them while you can.

A little history: Bike North America brought these in a good number of years ago but despite their popularity they were prematurely discontinued. Well, thanks to Bike Europe, they’re back not only in the original white but also in black this time around.

It’s everything you love about the classic number 10 jock but better with a 3-inch wide plush (softer) waistband, comfort leg straps and moisture-wicking woven pouch. With the support you want from a jock yet more comfortable than before.

First they brought us the colored Bike Performance Jockstraps, then they brought back the Throwback Edition Classic Bike #10 Jockstrap and now they’ve brought back this modern Bike #10.

Jockfighters at Jockstrap Central


Jockstrap Central has done it again, securing yet another North American exclusive. First it was Raw Studio, then it was Maskulo and now they’ve launched one of the hottest new fetish collections straight from Italy. Jockfighters is sports fetish meets urban warrior and it’s smokin’. Their motto is “Be Bad Do Good” and like other fetish brands, they’re creating a lifestyle with their gear.

They’re launching with a streamlined ribbed cotton jock called simply The Jockstrap (naturally), as well as their take on the jock brief called The Chaps Jock (with a revealing front hole and butt lifting back straps) and a sexy brief with convenient holes both front and back called the Slashed Brief (they’ve got their exhibitionist model Ryan Russell to show off all the dirty features so obviously, those photos are NOT SAFE FOR WORK!).

The dirty features are but a sucker punch but it’s the almost two-inch wide waistband on all the gear that’s the final blow to win the match. With sports inspired horizontal contrasting striping and embroidered iconic Jockfighters logo dead center, this is sports fetish nirvana.

Even better, there are matching socks for a complete look. They’re tube socks in your favorite fetish colors with sports stripes and the iconic Jockfighters logo and the word J-O-C-K-F-I-G-H-T-E-R-S across the toes. Perfect with your favorite pair of high-tops or combat boots.

Their jocks and underwear are perfect for the clubs, edgy enough for the fetish party but still sporty enough for the street and it’s all made in Milan, the fashion center of the world so you know it’s built tough.

I could go into more details about all this new gear but who reads this stuff anyway? You really want all the pretty pictures, right? Head over to Jockstrap Central‘s Jockfighters department and enjoy the view.