New Neo supporters from Omtex


Omtex is back at Jockstrap Central with a new range of sports jocks called Neo. It’s hard to believe it was possible but Omtex has managed to improve on what is one of Jockstrap Central‘s customers’ most loved gym supporters. Like the first edition Omtex jockstraps, they still have the awesome brushed cotton pouch that customers love, but with Neo, they’ve wrapped the waistband and leg straps with the same brushed cotton fabric so you still get the fit and support you need but with an extra dose of comfort.

Like their predecessors, Omtex Neo Supporters all have a sturdy 3-inch wide comfortable ribbed elastic waistband wrapped in brushed cotton and one-inch wide elastic leg straps (also wrapped in cotton) with a double walled cotton pouch to help soak up all the extra moisture and sweat from those heavy workout sessions.

A front centered contrasting Omtex logo on the waistband with a contrasting vertical double stitch down the pouch and traditional detail label in the back add a stylish touch without losing its masculine edge. As with the other Omtex jocks, Neo is also ridiculously affordable so you can buy multiples and have one to wear while the others are in the wash.

Neo is available in black, navy-blue and a stunning warm grey — and for those who live by the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” don’t worry, all the classic Omtex jockstraps are still available and aren’t going away.

Chocolate Wool Donegal Travel Kit

Chocolate Wool Donegal Travel Kit, General Knot & Co.

At General Knot & Co. the travel kits are not only stylish but functional, with taped seams and a water-resistant cotton canvas lining to protect all of your valuables from the occasional leaky bottle. Sturdy buffalo leather handle and leather pulls add to the look and durability of the kit.

While function is a priority, the main event with these kits is the unique shell fabric. This particular kit being a rich chocolate donegal wool with multi colored flecks. Travel stylishly.

Fall is here!

Fall is here! Time to think about jackets.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Courtland Boots


Wolverine® 1000 Mile Courtland Boots,

Tough rubber soles ensure you tackle mile after mile with surefooted confidence. Much like the original 1000 Mile Boot introduced more than 125 years ago, the Courtland employs traditional construction with premium tanned leather that only gets more comfortable over time. Stacked leather midsole with durable rubber heel and forefoot. Double-row stitched toe. Antiqued copper hardware includes four pairs of eyelets and three pairs of speed hooks for a secure fit. Wolverine leather boots in brown.