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November 20, 2014

DT Underwear

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WOW! Not only has Jockstrap Central introduced three new styles to their DT Essentials Underwear collection, but they’ve reduced the regular pricing on the original jockstraps and jock briefs and as an introductory offer, they’ve put the works on sale for 10% off. That’s 10% off the new new lower “regular” pricing!

DT is all about getting back to basics with their Essentials collection. Sure, all the newfangled underwear with the splashy names with gizmos and gadgets are great but sometimes you just need a pair of underwear that’s stylish in its simplicity and so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it. The Essentials range is just that. Joining the jockstrap and jock brief they launched a month or so ago are the new Essentials Low Rise Brief (with a pouch within a pouch for a better bulge), the Asymmetric Brief (q favorite for its streamlined subtle styling) and Boxer Brief (for its total comfort factor).

All five designs come in three colors: Army, Black or Grey. Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central models Dan, Gerry and Matt modeling all the gear to see how the DT underwear fits three distinctive different body types.

October 27, 2014

Trick and Treat at Jockstrap Central

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Forget trick OR treat — this year Jockstrap Central is all about double dipping in the candy bowl so they’re doing trick AND treat. Shop at Jockstrap Central between now and October 31st, 2014, (at midnight) and you’ll not only get 10% off store wide, but also every order will receive a free gift.

It couldn’t be easier, just start shopping at their online store and you’ll find all their products, including jockstraps, underwear, shorts, shirts and more all marked down by 10%. Once you’ve finished shopping, simply complete your order as normal. When they ship your order, they’ll include a free gift of either a jockstrap or pair of underwear.

October 25, 2014

Junk Stellar jockstraps and trunks

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Junk Underjeans is back at Jockstrap Central with one of the most striking lines they’ve ever seen. The Stellar range comes in both a jockstrap and a trunk and in six stunning color variations. Here are the details on Stellar:

Junk Stellar Jockstrap

This is one awesome looking jock. The pouch consists of thin horizontal stripes alternating from the base color to grey. This not only looks good but the horizontal stripes really showcase the contours of your bulge. The same grey appears in the piping edging the pouch, the leg straps and the Junk Underjeans woven into and running around the waistband.

Style aside, as to be expected from Junk, the Stellar Jock is one of the most comfortable and well made jocks you’ll ever wear. The pouch is double walled for durability and ergonomically contoured and the poly/spandex fabric has just the right amount of stretch so everything fits. A 1/4 inch piping edges the pouch for added support. The one inch wide leg straps and the one and a half inch wide waistband are both soft and plushed.

Junk Stellar Trunk

Equally awesome, the Trunk has a paneled design made with a soft poly/spandex fabric with the same thin horizontal stripes with contrasting grey detailing. Of course we can’t talk underwear without talking about the bulge and Stellar shines in that department: Not only is the pouch contoured but it’s edged with a sturdy piping. This not only defines the package but it’s cut short at the base and designed to sit under the balls and lift the package creating a stunning 3D bulge effect and if that weren’t enough, the stripes of the fabric showcase the contours.

Like the jockstrap, it is also super comfortable and well made. The pouch is double walled for durability and as mentioned, ergonomically contoured and the poly/spandex fabric has just the right amount of stretch so everything fits.

To sum it all up, Stellar has it all: style, comfort and excellent craftsmanship – all that and yet totally affordable. Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central‘s new and irresistibly cute model Matt putting all twelve styles through their paces over at their website.

October 16, 2014

Nasty Pig’s union suits

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It doesn’t get more masculine and sexy than this. Union suits conjure up images of the working man and Nasty Pig respects the past yet improves on the union suit in every way — this is why Jockstrap Central jumped at bringing in this hot new gear again this year.

Keep in mind that this is a seasonal item and stock levels are limited. They sold out last year so if you want one, act quickly or risk being left out in the cold. Another reason to get one now: Jockstrap Central‘s offering free USA shipping and discounted world shipping for orders of $50 or more. Just one union suit will qualify for the shipping offer.

Instead of the traditional flannel, Nasty Pig uses their signature super-soft, top quality lightly ribbed spandex/cotton underwear fabric. Here’s the hottest part: the snap closure that runs down the chest also runs all the way under the crotch and around to the back ending just above the butt — is an innovative back closure solution, way sexier than the traditional flap. Need we mention that the snap closure, both front and back, make for an easy exit and entry. Finally, the union suit is finished with a tone on tone Nasty Pig logo on the left chest.

Wear them everywhere you want: under your jeans when you hit the streets, paired with a sick set of high tops, or be truly unique and wear them as outerwear before it’s gets too cold. You can even wear them with nothing at all next to a roaring fire on Christmas morning.

Of course there is one thing hotter than a Nasty Pig Union Suit and that’s a Nasty Pig Union Suit presented by Jockstrap Central. They got their favorite exhibitionist model Adam Stray to gear up and let’s just say there may be a few explicit shots over on their website.

September 13, 2014

DT Jockstrap Relaunch

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Jockstrap Central carried DT a good number of years ago and despite being a best seller, the company was near impossible to deal with so they dropped them. However, when their phone rang a short while ago and it was DT contacting Jockstrap Central to let them know that the company had been sold and was under new management, they quickly put in a new order for their latest designs. Not only has the company improved, says Jockstrap Central, but so has the craftsmanship of their underwear. For obvious reasons, Jockstrap Central is relaunching with the new DT Essentials jockstrap and jock brief. Here are the details:


Sure, the Essentials Jock looks great but it’s also all about comfort. Not only is it made with a super-soft brushed mostly cotton fabric with a hint of spandex for stretch, shape retention and fit but it’s got a very generous, non-constricting contoured pouch design. Even better is this is a low-rise jock so it’s perfect worn under all the popular low-rise jeans. The waistband is soft and plushed and the leg straps have a comfortable relaxed stretch.

Comfort aside, this is one good looking jock with a subtle retro feel and includes a single white stitched line down the center of the pouch matching the single stripe running horizontal through the waistband. Another awesome feature is the three quarter inch wide elastics that start at the waistband, edging the pouch and end up as the straps of the jock. Pretty clever and striking.


The Essentials Sports Jock Brief has a comfortable fit, an athletic feel and a secret! Not only is it made with a super-soft brushed mostly cotton fabric with a hint of spandex for stretch, shape retention and fit but it’s got a special bulge lifting pocket built into the pouch to ensure your boys are displayed to the maximum. A contoured pouch edged with contrasting white double stitching and a center single stitching all do their job of highlighting every curve of what’s you’ve got.

Don’t think that the front get’s all the attention, it’s a “jock” brief after all! The back would normally be a traditional brief back except this has got a very hot hole cut out of it and edged with another round of contrasting stitching in white perfectly framing your ass. Can you say “bull’s eye!”?

September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

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Gear up for kickoff at Tractor Supply — Your Tailgating Headquarters! Get everything for the perfect tailgate party!

August 29, 2014

Junk Underjeans jockstraps and trunks

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Junk Underjeans is not only all about sleek style and crazy good craftsmanship but their incredible attention to detail is also remarkable. We’re just not sure how they can produce quality goods like this for so much less. Junk Underjeans has just launched at Jockstrap Central with their brand new Stealth line of jockstraps and trunks. Here are the details:


The features are endless: A double walled fabric pouch for extra durability, a contoured pouch design for comfort and fit, double stitched contrasting piping, comfort leg straps with a unique pouch attachment to prevent the dreaded twist effect, a super soft plushed waistband and finally, care instructions silk screened right onto the inside fabric to prevent irritation.

As far as style goes, it’s oozing with it: A soft micro houndstooth pouch fabric gives this jock a very modern, sleek and certainly futuristic look which perfectly matches the Tron-like font that is the JUNK logo on the waistband. Contrasting piping edge the pouch and match the leg straps and waistband accent colors. Available in five colors, red, green, orange, yellow and blue.


The trunk shares many of the same features as the jock above, including a double walled contoured pouch and comfort waistband, but what really sets this trunk apart is its awesome looking paneled construction alternating between a hi-tech micro houndstooth fabric and a solid heather grey one. Contrasting stitching joining the panels and also in the seat adds some oomph and printed front chevrons hit home the futuristic designs aligning it with the Junk logo on the waistband. Available in either red, orange or green.


With this level of detailing, craftsmanship and style you’d expect a price to match but they’re both totally affordable. Jockstrap Central has them selling for only $20 for the jockstraps and $26 for the trunks. Be sure to take a moment to check out all of Jockstrap Central‘s exclusive photography of their model Gerry in all eight new Junk designs.

August 27, 2014


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getwear custom jeans

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August 1, 2014

Pistol Pete Avalon and Chevron Mesh Jockstraps!

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Jockstrap Central has not one, but two new mesh Pistol Pete jockstraps in three color variations each for a total of six new jocks. Here are the details:

Pistol Pete Avalon Jock

This low rise, streamlined jock is sexy and unique with its striped pouch. Unique because the stripes are created by perforating the fabric making the jockstrap partially see-through and undeniably sexy. It’s one of those mesh jocks that will have eyes straining to see what’s beneath as it is revealing yet doesn’t give away the works. They’ll have to work a little bit harder for that!

Pistol Pete Chevron Jock

Pistol Pete’s latest hi-tech sports mesh jockstrap is loaded with flavor: The pouch fabric is perforated and is not only slightly see-through but provides welcome ventilation. A contoured pouch design ensures comfort. A contrasting “V” or chevron plus contrasting edging hits home the space age design.

Both the Avalon and Chevron jocks include one and one quarter inch wide sturdy comfort waistband woven with unique detailing complimentary to each design.

Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central to see their returning model Spence in all six of the new jocks — this is the first time he’s done mesh!

July 18, 2014

American Jock Gym Shorts and Tank Tops!

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Hot off the bench-press and onto the shelves at Jockstrap Central, American Jock’s latest gym wear has arrived. Whether you’re wearing their Gym Short, Body Builder Tank Top, or both, you’ll be high-styling it in total comfort. Here are the details:

American Jock Gym Short

Whether it’s at the gym or simply out on the street, these awesome light weight shorts are loaded with features and are sure to become your new all-time favorites.

The favorite feature of the self-admitted pervs at Jockstrap Central is by far that the shorts are unlined so you can show everyone what you’ve got as it’s swinging free behind the light-weight fabric. Plus with only an 8-inch side seam, these are proper shorts. Of course if you want support, simply grab your favorite jockstrap to wear underneath and you’re set.

Besides the pervy features above, the shorts also include spacious front pockets with stylish contrasting piped edges, draw cord, contrasting elastic piping for the leg openings, side leg splits for freedom of movement, soft and plushed 100% cotton fabric plus the big bold colors with liven up any workout or chore.

American Jock Body Builder Tank Top

Although it’s called the Body Building Tank Top and yes, it’s ideal for guys who wish to showcase all the hard work and hours dedicated to their physique, with its lightweight soft cotton/lycra fabric, scoop neck front, y-back design and roomy arm holes, this is a perfect tank to wear out on all those hot sweaty summer days.

Of course it’s not all about function, it’s also about style: Sure, you can tuck the tank into your shorts or jeans but because American Jock finished the tank off at the bottom with a front and back scoop, it looks equally as good untucked. Finally, with its sporty contrasting edging it’s as appropriate at the gym as it is on the street.

Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central to see their latest model Gerry with his killer fitness instructor meets dancer body putting the American Jock through a workout of their own.

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