Cellblock 13 Dragnet jockstraps


Ladies and gentlemen: the jockstrap description you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Cellblock 13’s Dragnet Jockstrap is a masterpiece of deception. On the surface it’s a stunning looking fashion meets fetish jockstrap fit for Captain Joe Friday but underneath the surface you’ll find one comfortable jock for Joe’s boys on the beat.

In all seriousness, the most notable feature is the double mesh pouch; an outer fishnet mesh in either blue, red or my favorite, an greyish olive-green with an inner micro-mesh pouch in black for stunning effect and the mesh provides air-conditioning to keep your boys aerated. The pouch is contoured and roomy (our model Caleb King is proof of this as he’s HUGE in both meat and veg departments) made mostly with a soft polyester with four-way stretch for expansion and a hint of spandex for shape retention. Half-inch wide black piping edges the pouch which not only looks great but provides structure and ensures the perfect fit.

As with most Cellblock 13 jocks, the waistband is a show-stopper in their signature plushed elastic — it’s the perfect balance between stretch and retention. This one has contrasting horizontal sports striping with a big bold CB13 logo front and center. Finally, two masculine one inch wide black comfort leg straps finished it all off.

For more details (and lots of photos of their model Caleb King) visit Jockstrap Central.

Raw Studio Military Jocks


Raw Studio Military Collection is here and it’s exclusive to Jockstrap Central! It’s a collection of military inspired fetish jockstraps, jock briefs and ball-lifters all made with a ridiculously hot army-green leather-look PVC fabric as its base. As with all Raw Studio, this is hand-crafted in Canada with exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail.

The Military Jock is certainly the most elaborate with a brief style front in the leather-look fabric with a textured metallic olive-gold stripe down the front and a military style star insignia on the right. Even better is that the fabric has an ultra-soft backing that feels great against your junk. What’s most ingenious about this jock is it doesn’t have a traditional waistband. The front is entirely the PVC contoured pouch which continues around to the back, eventually becoming the upper part of the leg straps. A wide masculine 1.5 inch wide back elastic waistband strap joins the gap above your ass and two more three quarter inch leg straps begin where the PVC ends off and joins the base of the front pouch. This not only looks incredible but ensures the perfect fit. It’s hard to describe so check out Jockstrap Central‘s VERY detailed (and uncensored) photos on their website for more clarity.

The Recruit and G.I. Joe Jockstraps are a little more of what you’d consider a regular jockstrap. Both come with a contoured pouch and both are edged with black piping for style and added support. Recruit has a metallic olive-gold racing stripe and one and half inch waistband while G.I. Jock has a metallic pewter racing stripe, a three quarter inch swimmer style waistband and a military style star insignia on the right.

Maybe not the best (as they’re all pretty spectacular) but we’ve definitely saved the most fun for last: The Commando Ball-lifter is the evolution of Raw Studio’s original ball-lifter designs with a dual purpose of not only lifting up and pushing out to bulge under your outer clothes but also as some awesome looking gear that showcases (with style) everything you’ve got. The front is made with a distressed leather-look PVC fabric with an ultra-soft backing ensuring comfort. It’s contoured with a semi-circle cutout that edged in metallic pewter to highlights your junk. One inch black elastic runs down each side of the pouch then runs under your balls finishing off the circle lifting your junk up and out. There are no leg straps so the view from the back is streamlined and sexy.

Jockstrap Central model (and porn star) Caleb King is modeling all the new gear and be warned that many of the photos over at Jockstrap Central (especially the ones of the Commando Ball-lifter) are not safe for work.

Cellblock 13 leather-look bullet jockstraps


Bite the bullet and get yourself into Cellblock 13’s latest fetish jockstrap with credentials: The Cellblock 13 Bullet Jockstrap has the look and attitude of leather but it’s actually a high-quality coated polyester/spandex fabric that’s durable yet soft and pliable — exactly what you want cradling your boys. But best feature is, unlike leather, this jock is machine washable.

The front is like a streamlined brief with a contouring so you fit in it just right with a contrasting one and one quarter inch vertical sports stripe down the center. Where things get really interesting: the whole front is the leather-look pouch (i.e no elastic waistband). The sturdy Cellblock 13 elastic waistband attaches to each side and runs around to the back ensuring this jock fits like a glove and it looks awesome. The full two-inch wide waistband consists of three alternating stripes with the iconic Cellblock 13 written dead center across the back. Finally two black one inch comfort leg straps finish it all off.

Bullet is unique and definitely masculine and comes in your favorite fetish color combinations like black with white, black with red and black with blue. Of interest is the military version with its army-green pouch and gunpowder-black stripe. Jockstrap Central models will show you what Bullet is all about just head over to the JC website for your lesson.

Mesh gym shorts by Jack Adams


Jockstrap Central‘s newly launched Jack Adams Air Mesh Gym Shorts are set to be your most favorite shorts… ever. And not just for the gym, it will work equally well as your stay-at-home lounging comfies or a fun and exciting bold short to wear on the street with your favorite high tops. They are completely unlined so at the gym, wear them with your favorite jockstrap but anywhere else, be free and go commando. You’ll love the sensation of the air flowing through the micro-mesh tickling your boys and they’re even partially see-through so you’ll be visually tickling everyone else with view. Finally, the bold color choices make for a sporty and fun fashion statement. Here are the details:

The shorts are made with Jack Adams’ signature lightweight micro-mesh so they feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, plus they are unlined, think of it as built-in air conditioning on a hot summer day. There are no cumbersome pockets and the fabric drapes perfectly. They come in five variations with a solid base color and two contrasting color 2-1/4 inch sports stripes in the same micro-mesh down the the outside leg. An elasticated 1-1/4 inch wide waistband in the contrasting color keeps the short up, but if you want that extra security, there’s an included drawstring. Finally, a stylish rectangular Jack Adams logo appears toward the bottom of the left leg.

They’re only $27 and they come in awesome color combinations of sky-blue and white, orange and grey , red and white, black and red, or blue and yellow so you can get a few (to perhaps match your mood!).

Jockstrap Central‘s hunky muscled model Trent is taking them for a spin so be sure to head over and enjoy the view.

Modern Bike # 10


The modern Bike #10 Jockstrap is back at Jockstrap Central and now available in black as well as the original white. They’ve got them in stock now with a limited time introductory pricing of 15% off. They are imported from Bike Europe and produced in limited numbers, so get them while you can.

A little history: Bike North America brought these in a good number of years ago but despite their popularity they were prematurely discontinued. Well, thanks to Bike Europe, they’re back not only in the original white but also in black this time around.

It’s everything you love about the classic number 10 jock but better with a 3-inch wide plush (softer) waistband, comfort leg straps and moisture-wicking woven pouch. With the support you want from a jock yet more comfortable than before.

First they brought us the colored Bike Performance Jockstraps, then they brought back the Throwback Edition Classic Bike #10 Jockstrap and now they’ve brought back this modern Bike #10.